Anthony Atala, MD

WFIRM Director

“Essent Biologics has proved to be a willing and capable industry partner. With its unique access to human tissue, diverse product offerings and CDMO capabilities, Essent shows great promise to help advance the field of regenerative medicine.”

Sharon Collins Presnell, Ph.D.

President & Director of Research Services at Amnion Foundation

“It is a pleasure to strategize and problem-solve with the team at Essent Biologics. From planning and executing a new project to troubleshooting an established process, their fresh perspective and strong work ethic ensure success.”

Jeffrey Allen

Board Member, Former President and Chief Executive Officer at Cellero

“Essent Biologics is accelerating advancements in science and medicine by leveraging the precious gift of tissue donation. They are committed to transforming the world of cell therapy and drug development, as well as serving as a trusted partner on the road to discovery and cure. It is a privilege to support Essent Biologics in this effort.”

Kirk McGilvray, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory of Colorado State University

“Essent was absolutely critical to helping us move our research forward. We partnered with the team on a shoulder degeneration study, and they didn’t hesitate to find a way to provide us with the tissue we needed. Access to the tissue supplied by Essent represents a paradigm shift in our ability to analyze and correlate the genetic, structural, mechanical and histological changes observed in human patients suffering from tendinopathy. To our knowledge, this is the first time this type of donor tissue has been available to researchers. We could not be more grateful for their support.”

Ethan Mann, Ph.D., MBA

CEO of Validus Cellular Therapeutics

“The work Essent is doing to help accelerate research through human clinical trials is remarkable. We are excited to partner with such an innovative company who will support research to develop new medical solutions, and we look forward to their future growth.”

Rick Murphy

Chief Operating Officer of Vascudyne

“Through months of collaboration, Essent Biologics helped us achieve a huge milestone for our end product. We are now able to receive a reliable source of high quality GMP fibroblasts, for further manufacturing.”