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Certificate of Analysis providing comprehensive donor information

Dedicated quality standards and protocols that maintain the integrity of tissue and cells

hMSC integration for cell therapies

Custom cell line isolation and culture

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Our products are built without the use of animal products or antibiotics. Evaluate our portfolio of biomaterials for your research.


case study

Validus Cellular Therapeutics is using an activated cell therapy to treat the most difficult infections – often these are drug-resistant or deep-seated infections that are hard for natural antibiotics to reach. With their cell therapy approach, Validus is seeking to infuse activated, allogeneic hMSCs to find and resolve that infection using the body’s innate immune mechanisms.

Validus Cellular Therapeutics

At Validus Cellular Therapeutics, we are innovating solutions to resistant infections using cellular therapies. We are always happy to consider new potential team members who believe they will provide valuable contributions to our our stated mission, vision and values.