Essent Biologics’ human MSCs are unlike any other MSCs on the market.

Our scientists discovered and refined a novel process for isolating stem cells, recovered from the sacred gift of human tissue donation.

Essent Biologics’ MSCs help researchers culture low passaged, highly characterized stromal cells for use in regenerative medicine, biopharmaceutical, and cell therapy research.

Each vial contains at least 1 million viable cells – post-thaw – to ensure that researchers are getting the adequate cell count needed to build an in vitro model.

Essent MSCs are:

  • Minimally passaged to ensure potency
  • Cultured, expanded, and cryopreserved xeno-free
  • Provided with select donor information
  • Includes our Essent Origin Sample™, a punch of the origin tissue
  • Fully cGMP and ISCT Compliant

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