Providing Researchers with Breakthrough Materials to Investigate Pre-Eclampsia

Centennial, Colo. — August 23, 2022 — Essent Biologics™, a leading supplier of human-derived cell and scaffold materials, today announced availability for investigational researchers to obtain human pre-eclamptic cytotrophoblasts and Hofbauer cells through its distribution agreement with the Amnion Foundation.

The Amnion Foundation successfully isolated cytotrophoblasts and Hofbauer cells from the post-partum placenta of a donor with confirmed pre-eclampsia, enabling researchers to further investigate disease mechanisms at the cellular level and identify key differences in health and disease.
Pre-eclampsia is one of the leading causes of death in pregnant women, yet treatment options are limited and the disease etiology is poorly understood. Research studies are crucial to elucidating mechanisms and developing new effective treatments that improve the lives of both mother and child.
“The Amnion Foundation team leveraged their proprietary methods to establish disease-origin cytotrophoblasts and Hofbauer cells from a pre-eclamptic placenta,” said Sharon Presnell, Ph.D., President and Director of Client Services for Amnion Foundation. “This provides an exciting opportunity for researchers in this space to expand their efforts and investigate cellular function in both health and disease using well characterized cells. Together, with Essent, we have reached an important milestone on our mission to make living cells from birth tissue accessible to support the development of life-changing therapies.”

“We are proud to have a collaborative relationship with such an innovative partner in the Amnion Foundation,” said Dr. Jeff Brown. “It’s exciting to be able to support the Amnion Foundation with this breakthrough in post-partum research tools. The availability of these rare cells will open up new avenues for researchers and clinicians to further investigate this complicated disorder that affects so many mothers and babies.”

About Amnion Foundation

The Amnion Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As an operating 501(c)3, Amnion actively processes donated birth tissues (placenta and umbilical cord) to generate viable human cells that are provided to researchers in academia, government, and pharma to support the development of in vitro models and in vivo therapies. The Foundation provides research-grade cells and related services to clients and has both GLP- and GMP-compliant capabilities. All donations to the Amnion Foundation are tax deductible and donors are provided the opportunity to direct their funds across a spectrum of internal and external projects. To learn more please visit

About Essent Biologics

Essent Biologics is setting a new standard in human-derived biomaterials and comprehensive data for research. The nonprofit biotechnology company provides low-passaged primary cells, research tissue and scaffold materials to advance regenerative medicine research from benchtop to bedside. Essent Biologics supplies products in small or large volumes and serves as a manufacturing partner by creating master cell banks and an inventory of custom products within a tailored specification. In order to ensure reliable product quality, safety and efficacy, all Essent Biologics products are developed using robust design control processes and produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). For more information, please visit