Essent Biologics is a nonprofit biotechnology company setting a new standard in human-derived biomaterials and comprehensive data for research. Starting with the donor, Essent Biologics acts as the catalyst to advance regenerative medicine, biopharmaceutical and cell therapy research from benchtop to bedside. The company supplies products in small or large volumes and serves as a manufacturing partner by creating master cell banks and an inventory of custom products within a tailored specification.

our vision

researchers breaking the boundaries of regenerative medicine

our mission

empower the work of pioneering researchers with transformative biomaterials

our values

We are building a business for the long term. That means doing it right at every step along the way because quality and reliability are crucial to the groundbreaking work our research partners are doing. We’ll stay true to our principles of product integrity no matter what.

We are driven to be the preeminent provider of human biomaterials that will help researchers get to human clinical trials faster. We work relentlessly to this end and to be the first-choice provider.

We work with researchers to push the boundaries of regenerative medicine. From the material they need to how we collaborate; we listen and adapt to meet their needs in all that we do.