Essent Biologics featured in CompanyWeek Article

Executive Director Corey Stone sees a bright future supplying stem cells to regenerative medicine researchers
Photo Jonathan Castner

Following the launch of Essent Biologics, local Colorado manufacturing outlet, CompanyWeek, highlighted the business in a feature story. A new venture of AlloSource, Essent Biologics is on a mission to empower medical researchers.

"For the past decade, AlloSource has developed this core expertise and knowledge around deriving primary cells from deceased allogeneic donors," says Stone. "When I came to AlloSource [in 2017], I asked a very basic question: 'What are we doing with all these cells that come from our donors?' . . . There was a gap there. We had access to donors, and we weren't really utilizing that aspect of the donor in new markets." Such cells represent a valuable resource for R&D in regenerative medicine and a means to "honor the gift of donation in a different way," he adds. The 2021 launch of Essent Biologics is the culmination of that line of thought.

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