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Our products are the catalyst to elevate your research.
GMP processed and robust donor eligibility criteria reduce many of the barriers.

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Whether your research is in the early stages of experimentation or you’re approaching clinical development, Essent Biologics is here to help. Our team brings over 120 years of biotechnology experience and a collaborative spirit to help you find the ideal human cell type or scaffold material.

our difference

As a strategic venture from AlloSource, an FDA compliant tissue bank (under 21 CFR Part 1271) with more than 25 years of experience, Essent Biologics leverages that experience to provide better biological materials and data to empower your research.

This relationship enables us to source primary cells, scaffold materials and research tissue.

We maximize the gift of tissue donation by providing an array of human primary cells to help scientists recapitulate the physiological state of cells in vivo and generate more relevant data about human biology.

– Chief Scientist, Jeff Brown, Ph.D.

Just as punctuation gives clarity and structure to text, Essent Biologics’ products will create precision and results in your research. Consistent inputs and reliable supply of human biological materials, along with comprehensive data, means less variability for your research. Period.

Essent Biologics is partnering with AlloSource, an FDA compliant tissue bank (under 21 CFR Part 1271), to provide you with quality human primary cells, scaffold materials and tissue for research. This collaborative relationship allows us to source novel biological materials and design them to suit your specific research needs.

We know there are many paths to choose from when climbing the mountain that is research – from concept to market. Essent’s highly-characterized* human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) allow you to ascend that mountain faster and more easily. Our reliable supply of biological materials produced under GMP-compliant processes means the sky’s the limit when exploring research opportunities. Let us get you started or keep you moving.

*Cell characterization includes results for cell population doubling level, tri-lineage differentiation, flow cytometry markers, cell viability and morphology, growth characteristics and potency.

We understand utilizing animal-derived cells and products may limit confidence in your research due to the lack of biological relevancy. Our goal is to remove limitations and give you access to human primary cells, scaffold materials and data essential to your research.

Essent Biologics’ human-derived biomaterials can provide additional confidence to advance to human clinical trials faster. We know your goal is to develop new medical solutions, and as a source for GMP-compliant biological materials, we prioritize accelerating your research through human clinical trials.